Top 30 Butterfly Tattoos to Spot

Are you attracted to tattoos? If this is the case then you need to consider spotting butterfly tattoos. Since they come in a variety of shapes and colors, they are the prettiest and the most popular things that ladies should have. Butterfly have a sense of fashion and also symbolize the inner beauty of the person wearing them. In fact, butterfly tattoos are just amazing.

Different types of butterfly tattoo designs

  • Floral – Since floral designs are a sense of fashion, butterfly tattoos used with this design often look very attractive. Besides, floral butterfly symbolize the relationship between flowers and butterflies representing their breed.


  • Large – These are large designs under the neck that look really amazing with their vibrant colors. You can place these on the back or below the neck.  You can rest assured that they will go unnoticed.


  • Flying – If you like to be tattooed with a series of butterflies then this kind of tattoos will definitely come in handy. Flying butterfly can be placed on the back and on the legs. Although the design of flying butterfly covers a large area they are often very attractive.


  • Simple – It’s amazing that you can prepare this tattoo at home. However, if you are not sure about simple, you may call an artist to help you do this. These tattoos are not only colorful but they are also glittery and can be done on any part of the body.


  • Abstract – Many women also love this kind of tattoos. You can draw abstract butterfly on your ears or even close to your navel. To many people, these kind of tattoo complement navel ideas.
  • Neck bow – If you want to look great, you can spot neck bow butterfly tattoos. More so, if you design these as if you are wearing a bow tie, they will give you a beautiful and sophisticated look. You can also use these in various designs.


Why you should choose butterfly tattoos

When it comes to tattoos every girl has her tastes. However, butterfly are not only attractive but they also make the girls look sexy. In fact, it will be very easy to notice a girl who has butterfly tattoo. More so, since girls love colors, this kind of tattoo are likely to be designed with colors to make them look bright and outstanding. Above all, as compared to other tattoos, they are just great on girls.


1- Watercolor Butterfly On The Arm


2- Butterfly With Name Written


3- Flying Butterflies Under The Ear And Neck


4- Elegant Butterfly Tattoos On Back


5- Pink And Blue Butterfly Tattoo With Star


6- Flying Yellow Butterfly


7- 3D Butterfly Tattoo On Neck


8- 3d Orange And Black Butterfly on shoulder


9- Colorful Butterfly Tattoo On Wrist


10- Blue Butterfly With Star On Shoulder


11- Tribal Butterfly Tattoo


12- Butterfly With Sun Flowers


13- Adorable Wrist Butterfly Tattoo


14- Butterfly Tattoo With Music Notes


15- Colorful Sleeve Butterfly Tattoos


16- Under Ear Small Beautiful Butterfly


17- Pink 3D Butterfly Tattoo


18- Black and White Butterfly with Rising  Sun Tattoo


19- Tiny Butterfly on Ankle


20- Elegant Butterfly on Chest


21- Purple Butterfly Tattoo On Foot


22- Hibiscus and Butterfly Tattoos On Back


23- Colored Butterfly Tattoo Design on Back


24- Blue Flying Butterfly Tattoos


25- Full Back Butterfly Tattoo


26- Upper Back Monarch Black Butterfly


27- Sexy Upper Back Butterfly Tattoo


28- Colorful Above the Knee Beautiful Monarch Butterfly


29- Below the Wearer’s Knee Stylized Butterfly


30- Beautiful butterfly on Neck

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