Top 10 Female Tattoo Models

Day after day interest in tattooing increases more and more, making tattoo regaining wide popularity among young people of both sexes, and tattoo business flourish and its value goes up to millions of dollars.

And with this new social media thing going on, showing off a tattoo has became very popular nowadays letting a new type of models to rise, which are tattoo models.

Today in this post we gathered for you the most popular female tattoo models around the world.


10. Rhian

Model from Michigan United States also Lifestyle blogger & photographer


9. Sina Jasmina

German tattoo model


8. Mary Leigh Maxwell

model and covergirl from philadelphia united states

Source : Facebook


7. Kristina Labahn

born outside of London a model and cover girl from united kingdom

Source : Facebook


6. Dannika Daisy

5 foot 4″ beauty tattooed model from united kingdom

Source : Twitter


5. Jesse Lee d

The NewYork Tattooed Model

Source : Twitter


4. Cholita Munroe

Source : Instagram


3. Brina Murphy

Tattooed model from Seattle, United States

Source : Instagram


2. Lauren Fernandez

known also as Miss Fernandez, British born model

Source : Twitter


1. Cervena Fox

Model and Tattoo apprentice from united states

Source : Instagram