21 Paper Airplanes Tattoos and Their Meanings

Whatever your reason behind getting a tattoo, you should know that it’s all about expressing yourself, and many people today have found a way to get inked and still keep in line with their values, beliefs, and dreams. 

We find that the paper airplane tattoo holds special meanings for some people. It is just like any other tattoo design; some people will choose this one for a variety of different reasons. 

Below you will find just some of the most popular paper airplane tattoos and their meanings.

1- The love of traveling and flying:

Paper Airplane Tattoos

Some people will get the paper airplane tattoo to show that they love to travel. To others, traveling is just about the best thing that you can do in life. Eventually, it makes sense that they want to get a tattoo to show their love for moving around in the world. For example, pilots and those who want to be pilots will often get a paper airplane tattoo to show their appreciation of flying. Also, they might get the paper airplane rather than just getting a real plane since the design is a bit more creative and funny.

2- For writers:

Sometimes, the owner of a paper airplane tattoo might be a writer, or they simply love to write. To the writer, the paper is the instrument in which they can express themselves and fly wherever they need to go to get ideas. In fact, the paper airplane tattoo often represents their words taking on lives of their own. Maybe the writer may not leave the house often, but they can use their words to go anywhere in the world.

3- Other Meanings of the Paper Airplane Tattoo:

 There is an adventurous side in some people that get the paper airplane tattoo to show their love of adventure. I’m sure there are some more obvious tattoos used for this meaning, but it’s a more subtle way to show off someone’s adventurous side, which might be what the owner is going for. Moreover, the fact that there is an airplane (paper or not) in the tattoo implies that the owner has at least a little bit of adventurousness in them.

Most of the time, people who get the paper airplane tattoo want to show that they have a carefree attitude. They also want to express that they will “go where the winds take them,” and there aren’t too many better ways to do that than with a paper airplane tattoo. Many people will get those exact words (or words like them) tattooed along with the paper airplane.

4- For a dreamer

You could definitely get a paper airplane tattoo to represent that part of you. The paper airplane alone can represent your dreamer side, it perhaps works a bit better if you add in a couple more images to make the message a bit clearer.

On the other hand, the paper airplane tattoo can also represent more somber things. If someone recently goes through a tough breakup and wants to learn from those experiences, he might get the paper airplane tattoo to remind himself that he is carrying their past with him. But it can also be a motivational tattoo since you can use it to be a stronger person moving forward.

5- Japanese pop culture

Airplane tattoo has a big connection to Japanese pop culture. Like most origami in Japan, the paper airplane has its own meaning. In fact, the paper airplane represents starting all over or “throwing yourself” into the future. Sure, these are Japanese meanings, but many people in Western countries will get the paper airplane tattoo for the same reasons since they want to use the tattoo as a way to motivate themselves throughout their lives.

Are you thinking about getting a paper airplane tattoo? You have endless possibilities when it comes to picking out a paper airplane tattoo design. The paper airplane tattoo continues to be a top choice for most of us cause we have fond memories of making them when we were kids.