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So you are after tattoo ideas. Don’t feel frustrated it is a problem even the pros have! Trying to think up a design in your mind is fairly difficult. Furthermore, you may want tattoo ideas depending on what kind of designs will suit your gender and style.

Tattoo Ideas for Women:

– Butterfly designs. This has to be one of the most popular feminine tattoo ideas.

– Fairy tattoos and Cross tattoos. These are often requested as a sign to display one’s faith (for men also). They are powerful tattoo ideas. Often a woman will get a fairy design (or wings) on the lower back, as it is a discreet, attractive, and sensual area of the body.

– Rose tattoo design.

– Flower tattoo design.

Tattoo Ideas for Men:

– Tribal Tattoo designs. Many People see tribal designs as having some sort of sex appeal, due to its strong ‘alpha male’ type vibe. The tribal tattoo is one of the most requested designs asked for by men, and covers designs from many places in the word. For example: Maori, Haida, and even native American designs.

– Sleeve Designs. Having a full or half arm covered with a tattoo is yet another popular choice with men. However, sleeve designs are very noticeable and you may want something more discreet.

– Dragon tattoos. The dragon tattoo designs are an influence of Japanese and Chinese cultures.

– A growing popularity in choice for men has been tattoo ideas spreading over both shoulders / shoulder blades.

– Celtic tattoo design.

– Lion tattoo design.

– Eagle tattoo design.

Now that you have some tattoo ideas, it’s your turn to look for some unique designs that suit your style and personality!