Amazing 15 Full Back Tattoos for Girls

Tattoos are a very common way to express ourself and have always been fancied by millions. Girls these days are getting their body inked mercilessly and the their back is not left behind. Here is a list of top 15 full back tattoos for the rebellious girls.

15. Beautiful Blossom flower tattoo


14. Stars tattoo


13. Amazing Butterfly tattoo


12. Sexy Floral patterned tattoo


11. Beautiful Wings tattoo


10. Colorful flower and butterfly tattoo


9. Woman portrait tattoo


8. Splendid Dragon tribal tattoo


7. A spectacular portrait tattoo


6. Woman face tattoo


5. Unique peacock back tattoo


4. Amazing raven tattoo


3. Beautiful Koi tattoo


2. Sexy Phoenix tattoo


1. Splendid Dragon tattoo