80 Geometric Owl Tattoos For Men

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Shapes are everywhere, and they exist within all living things, even if they are often overlooked. For example, the image of the owl can be geometrically highlighted, making for one cool tattoo.

The geometric aspect of the tattoo usually means that the man wearing the tattoo is acutely aware of the subtleties of life. This man is not afraid of connecting the dots and could be very spiritual.

On the other hand, a man who takes a keen interest in the geometric core of creation might be the type of person who shreds mysticism away to get to the truth.

The owl itself is usually associated with spirituality. The creature is thought to be a spirit guide that helps guide the heart to its desires. A man wearing an owl could be the kind of person who moves with the wind and haunts the night, armed only with his desires.

This winged creature is also considered a bad omen. Some people believe that hearing the owl hoot was a sign of something evil or bad approaching like the death of a loved one.

A man wearing such a symbol might be pointing out that death is haunting every person. The symbol is unequivocally deep and should show just how layered a man with this tattoo truly is.

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