60 Sick Wolf Tattoos For Men

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Wolves represent the individual: his strength, freedom, and independence from others. Tattoos that depict a seriously sick wolf design highlight all of these aspects about a man, with the added bonus of showing off his rad personal style.

The strength of a man as an individual is among the most important aspects of manhood.

A man should be able to stand on his own two feet, providing for himself and being in complete control of his own life. Just like the lone wolf, who is charged to fend for himself in the wild, so is man.

The sickest wolf tattoos are those that represent intrinsic, ineffable aspects of your personal panache. They speak for themselves, with color palettes and line work that are strong, matching your own strong personality. Sick wolf designs will show the wolf in its strongest states: on the prowl with teeth barred and ready to strike, or howling to the moon without a worry that he is in a pack of one. Sick wolf tattoo designs are meant to capture the powerful energy that these awesome beasts bestow by their singular, piercing glance.

In capturing the essence of the wolf, a sick wolf tattoo design will capture your own essence, your own sovereignty and singularity and vigor.

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