60 3D Jesus Tattoos For Men

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With exquisite skill, fine detail and dimension of depth, the artistry of a 3D tattoo stands apart in a truly special way. Captured by the optical illusion, one perceives reality in the tattoo.

A captivating image of Jesus in 3D comes alive to make a powerful statement of faith.

Using a technique called “shading,” the tattoo artist achieves 3D, visual depth so that parts of an image seem to pop out. Perspective is altered to see more than a flat surface. Christ’s crown of thorns looks as if one could reach out and grab it.

Powerfully communicating immeasurable, unconditional love, Jesus dying on the cross conveys forgiveness of sins. An innocent giving his life for the guilty is a profoundly stirring message of sacrifice. The sacred imagery tells a personal story of amazing grace. It says, “Jesus died for all, including me.”

Whether alone or with crosses, angels or rosary beads, Christ’s image focuses attention on the life-changing messages of love, hope, forgiveness and peace. Religious tattoos are deeply personal and often represent a spiritual rebirth that has brought about complete life change.

An ultimate proclamation of faith, a Jesus tattoo signifies an everlasting commitment to God. It symbolizes belief in the awesome power of Christ’s extraordinary love, complete forgiveness and promise of eternal life in heaven. Being inked with Jesus Christ, one commits to becoming more like him.

Masterful, 3D imagery and magnificent messaging offer worship through brilliant artistry.

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