50 Wine Tattoos Tattoos For Men

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Ah the fermentation of grapes, wine, as we know it, makes for one of the most sating and satisfying beverages known to the universe.

Whether it’s a wine bottle, a corkscrew, a glass, or a ripening bunch of grapes, a wine-flavored tattoo is a great choice for anyone from the most refined somnambulist to the casual taster.

The drink is old as the hills. Archeologists have uncovered wine in Armenian caves that dates back to roughly 5400 BC (in that very same cave, archeologists also uncovered the earliest known human shoe).

Drinking of wine is one of the richest traditions we have. The various vintages, differences of the seasons, and the diversity of growing conditions, soil, and species of grape come together to make wine of the most special things us earthlings have come up with.

People who wear a wine tattoo don’t necessarily read deeply into the symbolic value of the drink, or its connection to their heritage, or even a defining moment in life; they just love wine.

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