50 Small Dragon Tattoos For Men

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These stunning yet perilous legendary creatures have close ties with many rich cultures around the world, from European lore and Middle Eastern tales to Asian influence.

While many choose to have a huge looming dragon over their shoulder or on their back, small dragon tattoos better serve as a mark that doesn’t bring too much attention but still holds a strong symbolism.

In European lore, dragons are depicted as giant evil serpents that must be slain by brave and noble knights. In Asian culture, the meaning of a dragon is varied depending on the elements involved into its design, but the water dragon is the most requested style.

The mighty dragon symbolizes one’s subconscious and inner mediation as well as representing physical and mental strength, power, wisdom, masculinity, and the forces of nature and the universe. For those who wish to achieve inner peace through spiritual practices, the dragon is a famous insignia for such a purpose.

Dragon tattoos come in a whole variety of portrayals whether it be the European-based frightening fire-breathing monsters with bone-crushing claws or Asian-based elegant and ribbon-like creatures that seemingly swim between clouds. There are also different styles of dragon tattoos such as minimalistic, geometric, tribal, or if you want to get creative, integrated designs with other creatures.

A fearless dragon tattoo is ideal for powerhouses and flexible thinkers, and the great thing about small dragon tattoos is you can put it just about anywhere on the body.

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