50 Kids Name Tattoos For Men

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Is there anything sweeter than the sound of your kid’s name? What strength it gives you, and sense of purpose; they need you, and you need them even more.

Sometimes just glancing down and seeing their name gives you the courage to face the day, because you do it for them.

Tattooing the names of loved ones certainly isn’t a new tradition. For thousands of years sailors, soldiers, and even members of the royal court would ink the names of those they were devoted to onto their flesh, a token of loyalty and eternal remembrance. Today many choose to carry on this tradition by tattooing their child’s name on their arm, wrist, or over their very heart.

Designs and colors can be as varied as you wish, from elegant flourishes to bold print, with additional framing and embellishments available in all styles and subject matter. Many choose to add a portrait of their child above or beneath their ink-inscribed name, either framed or surrounded by garlands corresponding to their birth flower.

Tattooing the name of your child(ren)is the perfect way to mark an occasion of birth or special milestone. Perhaps your child’s name is a special talisman to protect you, just as they rely on you to protect them. In choosing to devote your very flesh to the inked name of your child, you are sending a higher message: that you are a nurturer and defender of the innocent.

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