50 Geometric Arm Tattoos For Men

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The energy patterns highlighted in the name of sacred geometry transfer seamlessly to one’s arms, and hold a particular sway over viewers due to their easy visibility.

From clustered gemstones to wise geometric owls, nothing is off limits and everything is precious when it comes to geometric arm tattoos.

The biceps were made for showing off, and a well-toned canvas deserves a design that will catch the eye and hold one’s attention. A skull comprised of geometric shapes and shaded in black, gray, and maroon ink is just the beginning; the Celtic Triqueta symbol, with its overlapping circles, as well as the reflective Ferris wheel halves, pay homage to the living molecules that formed the early inspiration for sacred geometry–and then take them to the next level.

Perhaps you desire something simple yet dramatic, a darkly shadowed wolf depicted in well-constrained geometric shapes and series of raised lines and dots? Maybe even a compass, cleverly crafted with a hexagonal tool laid over a similarly honeycomb earth suits your subtly masculine style? Just as there are no limits to what can be translated into the geometric language, rest assured there is no facet of your own character that cannot be immortalized in ink.

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