40 Neo Traditional Wolf Tattoos For Men

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Famously misunderstood and possessing a beauty unmatched both within and outside of its habitate, the wolf has long been an obsession of man.

Frequently hunted and often the subject of cruel superstition, the wolf continues to survive and stand against the seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against it.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s believed that the man who is accompanied by the spirit wolf is a breed apart from his peers. Solitary and stoic, he is often elusive and nearly impossible to confidently pin down. Just as the wolf protects its pack but also breaks away from it when duty calls, you frequently travel between the two worlds, never entirely at home in either.

The Native Americans believed that the wolf totem opened one’s sight to the other side, deepening his intuition and ancestral connections. The man who similarly wears the neo wolf tattoo adheres to no one, and does not dwell in the shadowy past for long. He is a modern soul, and his tattoo emblem is proof that while his bond with the wolf holds ancient roots, he and his spirit animal are always headed forward towards progress.

Dramatic but far from antiquated, the neo wolf tattoo is both a work of art and reminder that our ties to the natural world, however obscure, exist to protect and provide for us however far we roam. Be prepared to draw stares of admiration with your own neo wolf tattoo–and maybe a few new members to your pack.

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