40 Mustang Tattoos For Men

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The sleek, elegant curves of a Mustang look as good on skin as they do in real life. Mustang tattoos capture an iconic vision of American masculinity.

For decades, no car has carried the same cultural mystique as the Mustang. Named for the feral horses that used to roam the wild, wild west, the Mustang embodies the qualities of beauty, danger, and power.

The Mustang has a long and storied history on the silver screen, carrying a legacy of intrigue, excitement, and survival. James Bond, at his most impressive and refined while played by Sean Connery, drove one in the movie Goldfinger. It was a Mustang that car thieves lusted over most in the action-packed Gone in 60 Seconds. More recently, a Mustang transported Will Smith’s post-apocalyptic survivor through the zombie wasteland of Manhattan in I Am Legend.

As a car favored by drag racers and NASCAR drivers alike, a Mustang also speaks to the thrill of competition. A tattoo could be the perfect way to signal your allegiance to the sport.

More than anything, a Mustang tattoo is the perfect way to signal a commitment to the open road. With our gallery you’ll almost feel the awe of driving out to the horizon, hundreds of miles between you and anyone you know, rough wind whipping past your face.

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