40 Archer Tattoos For Men

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America’s favorite alternative spy, Archer and his crew of misfit agents have been bumbling their way through time and trial for nearly a decade.

Leader of the now uncomfortably named ISIS, Archer’s cocktail spiced swagger and indomitable spirit are an antidote for those of us soured on the James Bond persona.

A perfect tattoo companion, the Archer in ink is every bit as memorable as his cartoon counterpart. Impervious to danger and sarcastic to the end, Archer may very well be the hero you both need AND deserve. Here is a man who could give less of a damn about formalities and protocol, who abides by his own rule book–and frequently rewrites it. Accompanied by his equally misanthropic team or standing alone in the spotlight (as he would prefer), the Archer tattoo is your wink to the world before you speed off to the next great adventure.

Heroes aren’t always squeaky-clean, stand up kind of guys; some, like Sterling, go the long way around to justice, and deliver it on their own terms. Archer is a reminder to all of us that, contrary to popular belief, life isn’t too short, but quite long–too long not to throw back that drink and go out to kick some ass while you still have it in you.

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