30 Lion Neck Tattoos For Men

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The lion is a universal symbol of courage and regal bearing, the spirit animal of the natural born leader and king of his pride.

Attributed to all of the qualities men around the world strive to embody, the lion is a powerful totem and reminder that nobility lies within all of us; it’s our actions that make us men worth revering.

The lion tattoo makes a powerful statement no matter where it’s worn on the body, but the lion tattoo that garlands the neck is truly a sight to behold. Like a mane itself, the lion neck tattoo does not hide its message or conceal its purpose. No, this is a tattoo meant to be seen, admired, and adhered to.

After all, you aren’t one to skulk about in the underbrush, so why disguise the man you were born to be? The lion is the spiritual embodiment of integrity and unwavering loyalty, and as far as the man who wears its likeness around his neck is concerned, why would one want to cover that up with clothing?

In life our courage and ability to lead are often tested, and the lion tattoo is a reminder that even at our weakest, we are strength incarnate. No more hiding behind your true potential or cowering before those who should be bowing to you; your lion neck tattoo is the roar you’ve been saving up for years, and are finally able to set loose.

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