15 Worst Tattoo Ideas Ever

The 15 worst tattoo ideas ever! From the craziest face tattoos to the biggest ink fails, here’s a compilation of the worst tattoo disasters gone wrong.

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15. When you tattoo a chessboard on your face, you’re probably not smart enough to play chess…which leads us to believe that he probably asked his tattoo artist for a Finnish flag, but got a finish flag instead.

14. And how many flags did THIS guy ask for?

13. Remember when the Dallas Cowboys won the 2015 Super Bowl? Neither do I!

12. Aren’t gang tattoos so lame??? This was the most pathetic body modification I could find! Moving on…

11. Maybe if I get some glasses tattooed on my face, I’ll never have to go to the eye doctor again! Sorry bud, doesn’t work that way.

10. This is some pretty cool body art…if you’re a God damn degenerate gambler!

9. SWAG stands for “secretly we are gay.” I hope this guy realized that before getting his tattoo.

8. Death before dishonor. And check before spelling. I can’t believe both he and his tattoo artist didn’t catch that!

7. Hey buddy, good luck meeting your in laws…I’m sure they’re gonna LOVE you, your sleeves, and your piercings! As if it isn’t bad enough you’re banging their daughter.

6. This guy was either wasted, or he lost a bet with Raphael.

5. And THIS girl was either wasted, or she lost a bet with God!

4. Judging from his sexy figure, he probably doesn’t need all those tattoos to be a walking billboard for all those fast food companies…just saying.

3. Nailed it! This looks just like her!

2. Have you ever been called a d___? This guy has for sure!

1. What’s worse: his hair or his tattoos? Good luck getting a job buddy! Go fall into the unemployment line along with everyone else in this video.

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